This is the exact piece you will receive. 

The dimensions are:

Weight: 44g.

Height: 5.5cm.

Width: 3cm.

Depth: 0.5cm.


This beautiful Agate Aura Druzy Moon has been heat infused with platinum creating a beautiful iridescent rainbow sheen and has a very intense, strong energy that will cleanse your whole energy field. It works through the chakras to bring back a sense of balance, infusing more confidence when dealing with stress and overcoming obstacles that attempt to block your path.


Agate has a stabilising and supportive energy bringing a sense of calm and safety. It improves mental function, improves memory and concentration and is used to dispel feelings of anxiety, low feelings of negativity, tension and self-worth. This is an excellent crystal for rebalancing and healing on a deeper level.


This is a crystal of joy, and like a rainbow, signifies hope and optimism. It facilitates a deep state of meditative awareness, grounding the information received into the physical body, and inspires a total union with the divine and cosmic consciousness.


Platinum amplifies the energy of the crystal and brings a grounding energy to it. Work with this crystal to inspire new ways and opportunities to help you achieve your dreams.


All crystals have been cleansed with palo santo.

Agate Aura Druzy Moon C45

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