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Angel Aura Quartz is a crystal of new horizons and divine angelic connections. This crystal can be used to cleanse and heal the aura activating your soul energy. Angel Aura Quartz will help you to live according to your soul’s purpose. The loving, serene energy of Angel Aura relieves stress and anxiety allowing you to feel calm and see things clearly. Angel Aura magnifies positive energy and thought, and improves your ability to receive. It will draw out negative energy and focus the mind, improve intuition and bring a stronger connection to your higher self and the universe. Place this geode in an area where you will spend most of your time as it will amplify positive thoughts and inner wisdom, enabling and supporting you to achieve and manifest successful outcomes.


Just looking at this crystal will lift your spirits and placing it where you can see it daily will amplify positive energy.


This cluster has been cleansed and blessed with Palo Santo.

This is the exact piece you will receive:


Weight: 89g

Width: 4.5cm

Length: 4cm

Depth: 3cm

Angel Aura Cluster Heart C65

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