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Apple Aura quartz has the energy of growth, expansion, new beginnings and vitality. This crystal will help to let go of old patterns and belief systems that are no longer serving you. Its fresh green colour will help purify your chakras and help to bring the body back to balance. This cluster has been heat infused with precious metals which gives a beautiful iridescent sheen. The metals will amplify the energy of the crystal and bring a grounding energy to it too. Work with this crystal to inspire new ways and opportunities to help you achieve your goals and dreams.


Dimensions & Prices:

Weight between 40-60g

A - £9.50

B - £12.50

C - £12.95

D - £12

E - £12

F - £11

G - £12

H - £8


Apple Aura Quartz Cluster

£12.00 Regular Price
£6.00Sale Price
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