This is the exact piece you will receive - weight 134g, width 7cm, height 5cm, depth 3cm.


This Aqua Amethyst Cluster has been heat infused with rare metals such as titanium, gold and silver in a vacuum chamber. This process produces a variety of colours and in this case a beautiful aqua blue. When placed under light Aqua amethyst will also radiate a rainbow iridescent effect. Aqua blue is linked to the throat chakra which is the chakra of communication and will soothe and calm nervousness, giving you the confidence to speak your truth and stand up for your beliefs.  


Because Amethyst is a transforming, spiritual crystal, this cluster will also work with your third eye and crown chakra, improving visualisation, being able to see the bigger picture and dream interpretations. 


The rainbow effect from this cluster will clear your whole energy field, working through the chakras to bring back a sense of balance. Aqua amethyst infuses more confidence when dealing with stress and overcoming obstacles that attempt to block your path, inspiring new ways and opportunities to achieve your goals and dreams.


Just looking at this crystal will lift your spirits and placing it where you can see it daily will continue to alleviate stress and overwhelming feelings. This is a beautiful addition to your crystal collection and has been cleansed with palo santo.

Aqua Amethyst Cluster C-21

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