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Blue Apatite is a stone of manifestation attuned to the future, activating expansion of knowledge. Apatite will stimulate the intellect and bring ideas to life. This stone helps to connect and reflect deeper for inner clarity. Use Apatite to help you attune to your ideas and plans for what is next in your life. If you are looking to strengthen your intuition and vision Blue Apatite is a wonderful crystal to support this.


Palm stones have been carved and tumbled to fit in the palm of your hand. These can be carried around with you and whenever you need the support of them. Palm stones have so many uses but the main ones are for healing, regeneration and protection. Because of their shape they will help you to connect more deeply with the energy of the crystal which in turn will help to heal your energy fields and aura. Carry it with you or place in your home where you spend the most time.


Approx 4.5cm/5cm x 4.5/5cm

Blue Apatite Palm Stone

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