Blue Obsidian Angel Crystal Candle with Snow Fairy


Snow Fairy is a vibrant, sweet, fruity accord with notes of bubblegum, banana, pear drops, musk and vanilla with cheerful sweet candy floss. This scent transports you to an uplifting world of magic and enchantment.


The Carved Blue Obsidian Angel is wonderful for exploring your special gift, whatever that might be.  This crystal is especially good if you are looking to deepen your spiritual ability.  It helps to clear your mind of mental clutter, so you are able to receive intuitive information and then clearly communicate. Work with this crystal to take one step at a time, view life more objectively, calmly and with serenity. Meditate with Blue Obsidian to help you to obtain a deeper understanding of your inner self. The natural blue colour will stimulate the throat chakra so that you will be able to freely express your thoughts and feelings with clarity.


Approx weight of wax per candle is 225/230g

Blue Obsidian Angel Crystal Candle

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  • Please remove the Crystal Angel during the first burn. Please don't leave your candle unattended and keep away from draughty areas as well as out of reach of children and pets. You don't need to trim the wick and during the first burn allow the candle to burn evenly before extuingishing it. Please do not burn for longer than 4 hours at a time and please don't allow to burn right to the bottom.  Please n.b that no two candles are the same as these are hand-made and there will be some movement during shipping. Whilst every care has been taken with packaging we understand that breakages can happen. We would therefore ask you to email a photo of any breakages before we can process a replacement or refund. Please refer to the fact sheets for more info.

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