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Melts are a great way to sample the essential oils used in The Chakra Candle Range. 


Red is a very physical colour and promotes a feeling of being grounded & connected to the earth. Red is linked to survival and instinct and makes us feel alert, vigilant & primal. Cinammon brings material success and luck, improves health, attracts love and creates passion. Nutmeg is considered to bring good luck and great at drawing money in! Patchouli induces feelings of growth, love, luck, and especially peace. It helps to create harmony wherever you place it and is said to also be a great aphrodisiac!


Orange is an energizing and creative colour. It makes you feel sensual safe and abundant, promoting a feeling of warmth and security. Mandarin supports us to embrace change with enthusiasm and grace. It releases old programming that prevents us from obtaining our goals and instills confidence that the sky is the limit. Ylang-Ylang nourishes positive emotions such as confidence, self-love and spiritual awareness & helps those who are physically or spiritually drained. Sweet Orange promotes feelings of peace and supports healthy digestion and is said to bring good luck!


Yellow promotes a feeling of being confident and friendly, in addition to making you feel stimulated, prepared and capable. Yellow inspires thoughts and feelings of courage, optimism and self-esteem. Lemon improves concentration and helps to replace negative emotions with positive thinking. Lemongrass brings calm and helps to forgive ourselves and others. Juniper Berry promotes restful sleep and is known to be calming and to help ease stress.


Green is the colour traditionally attributed to the Heart chakra. More recently people have also linked Pink to the heart chakra.  Green promotes a general feeling of well-being, health & alertness. It is at the very centre of your being and is the energy of love and transformation. Pink represents caring, compassion and love & is associated with giving and receiving care. Geranium has a regulating effect on the nervous system and can help dispel depression, nervous anxiety and fear. Positive and uplifting, instantly calms the mind and restores emotional balance. Bergamot brings peace and joy to the soul. It amplifies energy & lightens the mind, bringing happiness. Palmarosa helps us to be gentle, kind, and loyal and creates space within our heart where love can grow.


Blue is regarded as an intellectual colour and promotes feelings of logic, communication and duty.  Frankincense is a very spiritual oil and brings peace and the ability to connect with our higher self. Its magical properties are luck, protection and spirituality. Chamomile relaxes your energy allowing you to become receptive to receiving abundance. Lavender represents the warmth of Mother Earth bringing incredible calming and healing. It provides spiritual healing, encourages compassion & promotes love, protection and cleansing.


Purple is a very spiritual colour and promotes a feeling of being wise, spiritually developed and having psychic qualities. It represents self-awareness and having a sense of peace. Sweet Marjoram brings tranquility, harmony, health and heartiness. It enlightens the soul by awakening the sense of self-consciousness. Lavender represents the warmth of Mother Earth bringing incredible calming and healing. It provides spiritual healing, encourages compassion & promotes love, protection and cleansing. Vetiver is very grounding helping with feelings of isolation. It calms insecurities and anxiety and helps to see things clearer.


White is a universal colour and promote feelings of being connected with all. White is linked to spirituality, oneness and meditation. This colour can make you feel evolved, exalted and spiritually awake. Jasmine promotes spiritual love and is said to be the most aphrodisiacal essence on earth. Helps with clarity of vision and dream interpretation. Myrhh helps us accept the need to let go, to forgive, and to move forward. Its main magical properties are healing, protection and spirituality. Sandalwood is spiritual, sacred oil, used around the world during practices of prayer and meditation. It calms a busy mind releasing anxiety and stress. Enhances mood and is grounding and uplifting. White Lotus helps to relieve you of becoming ‘unstuck’ in your circumstances. Helps with enlightenment and stimulates you at an unconscious level supporting your life journey.

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