Cobalt Aura Quartz Geode.


Geodes are a natural rock that contain a cavity lined with minerals or crystals. The word geode means earth-like. They have a feminine energy that is said to help the flow of energy in your living space.  These geodes have been put through a metallic process usually with precious metals such as gold, titanium and silver.  This process produces a variety of colours and in this case a beautiful cobalt blue. When this geode catches the light it will radiate a rainbow iridescent effect.


This geode works with the throat chakra, the chakra of communication.  Blue is regarded as an intellectual colour and promotes feelings of logic, communication and clarity. Cobalt Aura will soothe and calm nervousness, giving you the confidence to speak your truth and stand up for your beliefs.  Place it in an area to help with concentration whether you are working on a project or undertaking studies. 


The rainbow effect from this cluster will clear your whole energy field, working through the chakras to bring back a sense of balance.  Just looking at this crystal will lift your spirits and placing it where you can see it daily will amplify positive energy. 


This is a beautiful addition to your crystal collection and has been cleansed and blessed with palo santo.


Weight 323g

Width 11cm

Height 9cm

Depth 3cm

Cobalt Aura Geode Medium 1

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