There are two left in this glass due to a shortage of glass internationally.


Inner Goddess now has two scents to choose from:


Vanilla, Coconut & Pineapple -  this scent has a tropical feel,  a combination of freshly cut coconuts, vanilla full and sweet, identical to freshly chopped vanilla pods and edible smelling pineapple.


Velvet Peony & Oud -  this scent is rich and textural, wrapped with smoky oud wood. Spiked with clove, decadent with praline.


Rose Quartz and Pink Mangano Calcite


Pink Mangano Calcite will clear and enhance your energy channels between all the chakras, giving you a much needed self confidence boost. Pink Mangano Calcite will speed up  your spiritual development, promoting faith and hope. This stone will assist in clearing your emotional centre and stagnant energies making them active and flowing again.

The healing energies of this stone will guide you in overcoming your difficulties, helping you heal from emotional trauma, including the loss of a loved one, a traumatic breakup, or physical and emotional abuse you have suffered and endured. This stone will bring trust and stability back into your life. 


Rose Quartz is the crystal known as the heart healer promoting love, self-love and friendship and brings a deep inner healing. This crystal helps you to forgive and move on from situations that caused hurt and upset. Its strong healing properties will assist in letting go of any uncomfortable memories you are holding on to and will help to reduce negative energy. Rose Quartz holds a romantic energy that has the ability to attract more love into your life. It restores trust and harmony in relationships bringing feelings of peace and calm.Use this crystal to assist your creative projects and to inspire your imagination for any writing, journaling, arts and music.


Let the Inner Goddess within you come to the surface because these two powerful pink crystals will help you overcome any sadness, trauma and emotional upset you have had to endure over the years helping you to love yourself and others with a pure heart. 


If you have been holding back now is the time to get your passion on and move up a level. These crystals will give you the strength and courage to pursue new projects, helping you to have the self belief and determination to succeed in whatever you want in life.


Shine like the goddess you deserve to be - you are beautiful on the inside and out - you are special - you are creative - you deserve to be happy - forgive the past - let it go and be you again! 


It’s your time to shine - Let the Inner Goddess in you rise like the Phoenix from the ashes.


Approx weight of wax per candle is 280g

Inner Goddess Candle

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  • Please remove the crystals and foliage before burning. The wicks can be trimmed as and when required but you will find they probably won't require it.  Please n.b that no two candles are the same as these are hand-made and there will be some movement during shipping. Whilst every care has been taken with packaging we understand that breakages can happen.  We would therefore ask you to email a photo of any breakages before we can process a replacement or refund.