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Crystal Towers have their energy pointing up and outwards.  Wherever you place them, they will emit a focussed higher frequency. They are very powerful for manifesting your goals and desires as they point directly up to the Universe.  When setting your intentions, points work at a much faster rate to help you achieve them. 


Orange Carnelian is known as the stone of motivation and courage as it inspires confidence, stabilises emotions, and stimulates you to move forward. This action-oriented crystal will help you to clear your mind of the mental negative clutter so you can focus on manifesting what you want with a sense of freedom and ease.


Work with Carnelian to forge new pathways, giving you the confidence to be creative and optimistic.  This crystal will empower your creativity and passion for new opportunities and projects. This crystal will provide the extra energy and confidence needed to take the first steps out of your comfort zone. Orange Carnelian will empower you to be ambitious with the self-belief that you can achieve what you want.


Crystal towers emit their energy upwards and outwards wherever they are placed. The energy from a tower is focussed and will also enhance the properties of other crystals close by.


This is the exact piece you will receive:


Height 10cm

Weight 112g 

Orange Carnelian Tower C83

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