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Geodes are a natural rock that contain a cavity lined with minerals or crystals. The word geode means earth-like. They have a feminine energy that is said to help the flow of energy in your living space. These geodes have been put through a metallic process usually with precious metals such as gold, titanium and silver. This process produces a variety of colours and in this case a beautiful aura pink tone. When this geode catches the light, it will radiate a rainbow iridescent effect.


Pink Aura Quartz will help with self-love and forgiveness of others. Pink is associated to heart chakra and will encourage you to forgive and let go of what no longer serves you. A crystal of love, self-love and universal love. The iridescent sheen of bright colours, help to heal all your energy fields, helping to guide you into a positive direction, channelling happiness and joy into your life. This geode will help you appreciate every moment and encourage you to see and feel joy in all that you do. Work with pink aura quartz to help you identify new ways and opportunities in accomplishing your dreams and goals.


Approx 30g


Pink Aura Quartz Mini Geode

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