Purple Aura Quartz Geode.


Geodes are a natural rock that contain a cavity lined with minerals or crystals. The word geode means earth-like. They have a feminine energy that is said to help the flow of energy in your living space.  These geodes have been put through a metallic process usually with precious metals such as gold, titanium and silver.  his process produces a variety of colours and in this case a beautiful burgundy purple. When this geode catches the light it will radiate a rainbow iridescent effect. 


Purple Aura is a very spiritual colour and promotes a feeling of being connected, spiritual and having psychic qualities.  It represents self-awareness and having a sense of peace. This geode will help you appreciate every moment and encourage you to see and feel joy in all that you do. Place this geode in an area where you can relax and let new ways of thinking/ lightbulb moments come through to you.  When you do this, new opportunities to achieving your dreams and goals come to light.  Purple Aura will help you to visualise your desires and help with interpreting your dreams. 


The rainbow effect from this cluster will clear your whole energy field, working through the chakras to bring back a sense of balance. Purple works with the third eye chakra and will help you to see things clearly though improving your intuition. A very protective colour helping to ward off unwanted negative energy. 


These crystals are cleansed and blessed with palo santo.


Weight 369g

Width 11cm

Height 8cm

Depth 4cm

Purple Aura Geode

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