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Prices start from £15


Rainbow Moonstone will help to clear any stagnant energy and allow you to feel more freely thus helping you to face any decisions you need to make. This crystal will improve your self-awareness and intuition and guide you to pursue your goals and dreams. This divine feminine crystal is connected to the lunar cycle and activates the crown chakra which is located at the top of the head. When your crown chakra is unblocked, your mental well-being is in an optimum state, low mood is lifted and there is a greater balance with your inner power and self-knowledge.  This crystal will help your energy flow more freely helping you to embrace and appreciate new beginnings.


Crystal Towers have their energy pointing up and outwards.  Wherever you place them, they will emit a focussed higher frequency. They are very powerful for manifesting your goals and desires as they point directly up to the Universe.  When setting your intentions, points work at a much faster rate to help you achieve them.



A - Weight 222g. Height 12cm Width 3.5cm  - £38

B - Weight 127g. Height 9.5cm Width 3cm - £22

C - Weight 87g. Height 9.5cm Width 2.5cm- £18

D - Weight 92g. Height 8cm Width 2.5cm - £16

E - Weight 82g. Height 9cm Width 2.5cm - £15


Rainbow Moonstone Towers

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