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Set your positive intentions to bring more abundance/ protection and empowering self-love into your life by making your own beautiful spell jars. The herbs have been home grown and dried from my home to yours. The other ingredients have been ethically sourced from responsible suppliers and have been blessed with reiki energy.


The tealights and sealing wax is hand-made. You will notice that there is a scent in the wax. The soy wax hearts are made with essential oils to add an extra dimension to your spell. Scent is a powerful way to access your spirituality.


In your set;

3 empty spell jars.

A melting spoon.

Ingredients for each spell.

2 non-scented handmade tealights.

A charm for each spell jar with twine.

3 sets of labelled scented wax hearts to seal your jars.

An incense stick.

An information pamphlet.


Before you start, create a clear space before making your jar. Smudge your space with the incense stick. Smudge inside the jar before placing the items in. Set your intention before placing the ingredients in the jar, then melt the wax by placing the spoon over the tealight. Pour the wax over the cork lid to seal the jar. Any left-over wax can be used as a melt in your burner.


Spell Jars can be placed on your sacred altar which could be a shelf in a room where you like to relax, or perhaps a tray placed on your coffee table or bedroom. A sacred altar is a physical space that has been used since the beginning of time for meditation, spell work, and worship. On your sacred altar alongside your spell jar, you can place your other favourite items for example; artwork, photos, crystals, flowers or a plant, oracle and tarot cards (pull one card each morning, and that will be your message for the day).


Sacred Altars help you to stay focused. They improve your manifesting skills by reminding you stay connected to your intentions. In addition, you can set your intention by writing it down and wrap it in silver foil, place in a little box (this could be a jewellery box) and situate it next to your spell jar. To reactivate your spell jar, simply place on a small mirror. Or you can strengthen the spell jar by placing it on a small mirror.


You can also choose to use your Sacred Altar to embrace the four elements if you wish. Each corner can represent Earth, Air, Water and Fire and in the middle of your altar there is a fifth ‘element’ known as ‘Spirit’. Representing spirit can be a white candle, a Buddha, photos of loved ones passed and any other symbol you feel represents spirit to you.

Spell Jar Kit

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