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In your Abundance Crystal Set you will receive two raw crystals; Malachite and Gold Pyrite and three tumbled crystals; Jade, Citrine and Green Aventurine. Please note no two crystals are the same and will vary in appearance and size but all have the same qualities and are all ethically sourced.


The crystals are placed in a large oyster shell that has been hand painted (by me, Emily) to enhance the shell's beauty. Oyster shells were chosen for this set because they symbolise good fortune, prosperity and awakening.


Your crystals

Malachite will help you to be more flexible and confident with your decisions. This wonderful transforming crystal helps you to be open-minded when it comes to new perspectives and experiences. Malachite promotes financial abundance and success and is an excellent crystal to empower you to come out of your comfort zone. Malachite has an array of properties to keep you grounded as well as being able to help you to embrace change. This crystal is knowns as The Stone of Transformation invites you to leave behind what isn’t serving you. It will help to remove fears or self-doubt and will help you to feel aligned to your goals with passion and courage. Malachite will encourage you to move forward leading from the heart with strength and commitment.


Gold Pyrite will empower you to bring more success, enthusiasm, happiness, and power within and to you. Gold Pyrite reminds us of the rays of the sun, automatically bringing a sense of optimism and confidence to take that leap of faith. Working with this crystal will bring enthusiasm and excitement while protecting you like a coat of armour. This crystal will infuse you with its energy of confidence and strength and will empower you to keep the faith in all that you are and are working towards.


Jade is known as the ‘growth crystal’. A powerful connection to earth’s life forces of creation, birth, evolution and nature’s constant renewal through the seasons. This stone will nurture relationships with others and yourself and bring peace to mind, body and soul. A crystal of abundance, Jade will keep you on track with manifesting your desires. A lucky talisman for growth, development, knowledge and strength. Use Jade to achieve your goals as it will support you to be consistent and not to give up.


Citrine a sunshine crystal that infuses your energy with happiness, abundance and ambition. Citrine helps to unblock and heal the solar plexus chakra where we hold our self-belief and confidence. Whether you carry a Citrine on you, meditate with it or place where you can see it, it will support you with bringing what you want in your life, closer to you. This crystal’s properties have a high vibration which can support you when you’re busy and working hard towards achieving your goals and aspirations. It is an ideal crystal to keep you positive while you work towards achieving big goals. This crystal brings light, happiness and good energies to anyone in its presence, encouraging motivation, creativity and self-expression. Engaging with this crystal on a daily basis will free you from negative traits that no longer serve you, and providing emotional stability.


Green Aventurine is the ‘stone of opportunity’ as it helps manifest all your desire & goals. It helps to release negative thoughts & habits to make way for growth. Green Aventurine is a comforter and heart healer used to clear and activate the heart for general well-being and emotional calm. It assists you in making decisions and the courage to live your truth openly and proudly without worry of judgement. Its soothing energy balances your emotional body, guiding you toward inner harmony. It calms nervousness, anger and irritation and helps dissolve the everyday stress of a hectic lifestyle. Soothes wandering thoughts and enhances sleep while providing a gentle grounding effect on your vibrational field. Helps you to overcome anxiousness, aids relaxation and helps you to be more energized.

Abundance Crystal Set

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