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An Altar is a sacred space and can be large or small.

Physical objects are placed purposefully on your cloth in an area of your space that is special to you.  These objects can represent the elements, goddesses, source, and anything else that has a spiritual significance to you.   Or perhaps the objects can represent an archetype or energy whose influence you would like to have present in your spiritual practice. 


Altar Cloths can also be used for your tarot and oracle readings.


There are three Altar Cloths to choose from:


Triple Moon and Pentagram Design will help you to channel the power of the mother, maiden and crone.


Moon Phase design and Flower of Life crystal grid printed in its center. Perfect for arranging crystals and clearing the mind. 


Zodiac Chart design - look to the stars with this cotton altar cloth printed with a contemporary zodiac chart design. This astrological style is perfect for tarot, oracle cards, crystal and rune placement. 




Altar Cloth

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