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Fig & Snowberries with Snow Quartz

This scent is a fruity festive accord which opens with succulent nuances of fig while the heart is a captivating fusion of bayberry and snowberry, enlivened by peppery hints. All of this is embraced by the fond of cedarwood, raspberry and sultana, warmed by aromatic nuances.

Snow Quartz helps to clear stagnant feelings and thoughts that have built up in you over time. Clear negative and toxic thoughts by carrying this crystal helping you to look forward rather than backwards in life. We cannot change the past, but we can make a change from now and this crystal will give you the mental clarity to do that.  This crystal aligns all the chakras and will help to amplify wisdom and sharpen the mind. Snow Quartz helps you to see things through the eyes of a child, bringing a feeling of wonder back into your life.


Frosted Plum with Amethyst

A sweet sugary plum accord supported by notes of creamy vanilla.

Amethyst is a beautiful purple crystal is a crystal of protection, balance and inner peace. One very important feature of Amethyst is to serve as a stone of transfiguration and transformation, bringing harmony and peace wherever needed. Amethyst is especially supportive of the emotional body, bringing those who are overworked, overstressed, or overwhelmed back to centre. It eases the mental anxieties that lead to physical tension and headaches. Amethyst helps you move forward in life coping with transition and change and enhances your self-esteem. As it is such a spiritual stone it will enhance your spirit contact and spirituality.


A Winter’s Morning with Green Buddstone

An aromatic ambery Oriental accord with salty sea notes, grapefruit and mandarin orange in the top note leading to heart notes of jasmine, laurel leaves and bay leaves on an ambery woody base of vetiver, ambergris, guaiacwood, patchouli, oakmoss and labdanum resin.

Green Buddstone

This crystal's energy is peaceful and soothing and is said to heal and calm stress levels and feelings of anxiety. It helps to ease disharmony in relationships. Place under your pillow to get a good night's sleep as this crystal works to release suppressed emotions through dreams. A deeply spiritual stone connected to your ancestors, your elders both past and living, helping you to gain any information and understanding of your family lineage, beliefs and values. Buddstone has a beautiful grounding energy giving you the foundations to build your plans and ideas from.  This crystal will help you to realise your true potential and give you the commitment and strength to devote yourself to your life's purpose.



Frankincense and Myrrh with Citrine

A dark, mystical fragrance with notes of frankincense, tuberose, violets, myrrh and amber. The top notes start with cocoa, aldehydic, bergamot, orange mixed with jasmine, amber, cyclamen as the middle notes. Finished off with the base notes of patchouli, vanilla, cedarwood & musk.


This sunshine crystal will infuse your energy with happiness, abundance and ambition. Citrine helps to unblock and heal the solar plexus chakra where we hold our self-belief and confidence. Whether you carry a Citrine on you, meditate with it or place where you can see it, it will support you with bringing what you want in your life, closer to you. This crystal’s properties have a high vibration which can support you when you’re busy and working hard towards achieving your goals and aspirations. It is an ideal crystal to keep you positive while you work towards achieving big goals.  This crystal brings light, happiness and good energies to anyone in its presence, encouraging motivation, creativity and self-expression. Engaging with this crystal on a daily basis will free you from negative traits that no longer serve you, and providing emotional stability.


Festive Spice with Red Jasper

The freshness of the seasons is captured with the zest of lemons and orange. The warmth of the wood fire is embodied through spices such as Cinnamon, Ginger, Thyme, and Nutmeg.

Red Jasper 

This is a great crystal for motivation and self-confidence. This crystal can stimulate your energy as well as boosting your strength and stamina. It supports in giving you a deeper insight into your psyche and life purpose. It is known as a protection stone because of its grounding properties which will give you a deeper perspective on your goals and dreams. Red Jasper will spark creativity by raising your passion levels. Passion is needed to live a purposeful and fulfilling life whether that be in our relationships, work, business and how we spend our time.

Christmas Votive Set

  • If you are requiring your votive set to be sent to someone, please be advised it will be sent in matching organza bags and placed in a gift bag. This is because the set cannot travel in the box as they can crack during shipping. If you are ordering to give to someone, please note that you will need to place them in the box.  Free personalised message available  - please pop your required message in the notes at the checkout. Thank you.

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