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Crystal Aura Sprays are created with the energies of specific crystals, purified water and essential oils. They can be used to mist your aura, a room or any other place where you wish to impart the vibration of your chosen spray.



Sacred Golden Healer

Gifts:  Positivity; Wisdom; Clearing family patterns

Essential Oils: Litsea; Bitter Orange



Guardian of Spirituality

Gifts:  Protection; Tranquillity; Selflessness

Essential Oils: Lavender; Bergamot


Apache Tears

Gentle supporter in times of grief

Gifts: Release from frozen emotional patterns; Forgiveness

Essential Oils: Lavender; Neroli; Ylang Ylang



Calming crystal of courage

Gifts: Communication with the Goddess; Speaking your heart-felt truth

Essential Oils: Rosewood; Neroli; Lavender; Ylang Ylang


Black Obsidian

Powerful, creative stone

Gifts: Helps release the Shadow; Empowers work for the good of all

Essential Oils: Neroli; Rosewood


Black Tourmaline

Shining stone of Purification

Gifts: Vitality; Psychic Protection; Disperser of Negativity

Essential Oils: Rosewood; Sandalwood; Jasmine



Bringer of the Life Force

Gifts:  Courage; Confidence; Vitality

Essential Oils: Bergamot; Tangerine



Powerful cleanser and regenerator

Gifts:  Happiness; Energy; Abundance

Essential Oils: Lime; Tangerine


Green Fluorite

Mint-green gem of Auric Cleansing

Gifts: Releases intuitive forces; Clears negative thinking

Essential Oils: Peppermint; Rosemary


Herkimer Diamond

Sparkling Gem of Attunement

Gifts: Lightness of being; Delicate Harmony; Bliss

Essential Oils: Carnation; Rosewood; Bog Myrtle



Spiritual crystal of Joy

Gifts: Peace; Self-expression; Awakening of heart centre

Essential Oils: Litsea; Rosewood



Mystical gem of Magic

Gifts: Self-mastery; Spiritual Purpose; Connection with the Unseen Realms

Essential Oils: Lavender; Hyacinth


Lapis Lazuli

Midnight blue stone of self-knowledge

Gifts: Inner Truth; Personal Growth; Enlightenment

Essential Oils: Lavender; Linden Blossom



Ethereal stone of Feminine Power

Gifts: helps dispel guilt; Encourages self-nurturing

Essential Oils: Rose, Ylang Ylang’ Hyacinth



Beautiful stone of transformation

Gifts: Positivity; Integrity; Inner Strength

Essential oils: Lime; Clove



Star-born stone of personal evolution

Gifts: Spiritual Awakening; Synchronicity; Transformation

Essential Oils; Lemongrass; Rosewood; Bergamot



Luminous Ruler of Cycles

Gifts: Intuition; Synchronicity; Beginnings

Essential Oils: Lavender; Neroli; Rosewood



Sublime Gem of Divine Love

Gifts; Compassion; Deep Joy; Connection to the Divine



Healer of Emotional Wounds

Gifts: Supports release of Abuse; Facilitates claiming one’s Rightful Powers;


Essential Oils: Neroli; Ylang Ylang


Rose Quartz

Gentle Healer of Emotional Hurts

Gifts:  Calmness; Balance; Self-love

Essential Oils: Rose; Rosewood; Ylang Ylang


Smoky Quartz

Disperser of Negativity

Gifts: Gentle grounding; Blocks geopathic stress

Essential Oils: Sandalwood; Rosewood



Stone of Insight

Gifts: Understanding; Spiritual Perception

Essential Oils; Lavender; Ylang Ylang; Rosewood


Please note if your spray is not in stock at the time of your order, it will be made and sent to you within a  7/10 working day timescale.

Crystal Aura Sprays

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