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Crystal Bracelets

Wearing crystal jewellery can help to reduce stress, anxiety, negative energy and bring more positivity, motivation, and clarity in your life.

Peruvian Amazonite gemchip £4

Green Agate £8

Black Onyx £8

Rose Quartz £8

Orange Carnelian £8

Lapis Lazuli £16

Rainbow Moonstone £12

Amethyst £12

Pink Agate £12.50

Peridot £20

Amber £15

Malachite £20

Amazonite is a crystal for hope. This crystal brings a level of optimism as it converts worries and fear into excitement and anticipation. This makes it one of the best crystals for accepting change.

Rose Quartz brings a loving energy into all your relationships because of its gentle properties. It nurtures your creativity and imagination, assisting with writing, art, and music.

Amethyst is one of the most powerful stones for healing and providing insight into the self. Helps with stress, overwhelm and improves poor sleep.

Pink Agate helps to soothe anger and negative energy. This crystal helps to diffuse difficult situations that leave you feeling angry or frustrated or defensive.

Black Onyx helps to clear stagnant energy and contains powerful vibrations of strength, focus, and willpower empowering you to continuously push you forward in life. Due to its strong protective energy, it will act like a shield against negativity.

Orange Carnelian restores motivation and vitality and reduces fatigue. Improves self-esteem, compassion and courage and helps you to face your fears. This crystal helps boost self confidence in all situations and helps to relieve anxiety.

Green Agate works with the heart chakra and helps to enhance mental clarity and concentration. It will help to cleanse your aura by eliminating negativity in and around you and helps to give you a sense of well-being and calm.

Rainbow Moonstone will help to clear any stagnant energy and allow you to feel more freely thus helping you to face any decisions you need to make. This crystal will improve your self-awareness and intuition and guide you to pursue your goals and dreams.

Amber will help to cleanse areas of self-doubt, anxiety and self-esteem. This crystal promotes self-confidence and creative self-expression. It encourages decision-making, spontaneity and brings wisdom, balance and patience.


Malachite is known as The Stone of Transformation. This crystal promotes financial abundance and success. Malachite will encourage you to step into your personal power, leading from the heart with strength and commitment.

Lapis Lazuli is a wonderful crystal for connecting to your higher self and enhancing the mind.  It may initiate psychic abilities or powers as it activates part of the brain that opens your connection to spirit. 

Black Tourmaline is one of the gentler black crystals and over time will help you to overcome any self-doubt, anxiety and any past traumas.  It will help to improve your confidence, self-belief and motivation to pursue your goals.

Peridot symbolises good fortune, prosperity, and freedom. This crystal empowers you to release any fears holding you back and embrace to embrace your inner strength. Peridot is said to emit positive energy and channel love and abundance.

Crystal Bracelets

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