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These stunning crystal wands have been made with the intention for you to work your magick when doing spell work.  Wands in addition to the broom and cauldron are an iconic symbol of witches and spell work.  


You are the magick and your energy will help you achieve and manifest your intentions.  Your wand is designed to direct the energy of your intention and you can invoke the Goddess or God of your choice, or Source/Divine/Universe by drawing magick symbols in the air or on the ground. 


You wand has four to five smaller crystals embedded into it, a larger crystal on the top and a clear quartz point at the other end.


There is a choice of 4 crystal wands:

Green Aventurine


Black Obsidian

Lapis Lazuli


Height: approx 35cm

Weight: 30-35g

Crystal Wands

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