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Created with crystal magic, purified water, essential oils, and the totally loving and protective energies of many aspects of the Goddess, these sprays enable you to mist your aura, a room, crystals, or any area where you wish to impart the vibration of the spray.


Born of the sea-foam, let Aphrodite, Goddess of physical and spiritual love, guide you through the deep eternal waters of desire, sensuality and ‘knowing’.


Become the author of your life, listening to your own powerful inner wisdom. You do not need permission to be who you are.

Eir (Aer)

Gracious Norse Goddess offering all women the knowledge of herbs, shamanic healing and courage for eternal healing and journey of the self and others.



Move in the rhythm and harmony of life. Have the strength to Not Know, but Trust. Be inwardly guided and outwardly protected.


Divine Mother

Allow the Goddess, Mother of all, to put her cloak of protection around you, now and always.



The Goddess of Abundance bids you leave fear-based poverty thinking behind and invites you to embrace her gifts of support, love, joy and plenty for all aspects of your life.



Walk with the great Sekhmet and open to the exciting possibilities of each moment. Live with inner dignity. Follow your sacred path of personal integrity.


Whenever you stand at the Crossroads of Change, accept what cannot be controlled and let the Goddess Hecate guide you through ambiguity, chaos, endings, death – the Unknown.


Triple Goddess

The Triple Goddess bids you tap into your transformative and creative powers. Establish contact with the Deva’s who guard Earth’s Kingdoms.


Please note if your spray is not in stock at the time of your order, it will be made and sent to you within a 7/10 working day timescale. I’mk

Goddess Aura Sprays

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