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Green Moonstone, is a variety of Serpentine with a high Nickel content. This chemical element gives Garnierite its' distinguishable green colour.

Green Moonstone also known as Garnierite helps with loving ourselves and others. It helps to bring more love and joy to our heart. Releasing any old wounds caused by trauma and helping to release old patterns. Brings us compassion and more emotional understanding about ourselves and life.

This is such a unique stone that contains the true essence of life.

Holding a Palm Stone creates a powerful connection between our being and the crystal's energy. Just holding a palm stone can give us moments of stillness and calm. These oval shaped stones are excellent for relaxation, meditation, and crystal healing. The palm stones' design makes it easy to carry them with us.

Approximately 5cm high by 3/4cm wide.

Green Moonstone Palm Stone

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