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Indigo Gabbro is found in central Madagascar. This crystal is a relatively new crystal and is also sometimes reffered to as Black Granite, Blizzard Stone or even Mystic Merlinite.


Indigo Gabbro is composed of black Augite and purple/blue plagioclase feldspar. 


It has a special energy that will bring you protection and grounding as well as an elevated level of consciousness. Will help to unblock and align all of your chakras. This crystal will encourage you to step into your power and take charge of whatever direction your life purpose is.


A very high vibrational crystal inspiring  you to put your spiritual beliefs into action, thus encouraging you to show the world your true authentic self. A crystal of knowledge and deep insight, helping you to understand your innermost self.


Palm stones have so many uses but the main ones are for healing, regeneration and protection. Because of their shape they will help you to connect more deeply with the energy of the crystal which in turn will help to heal your energy fields and aura.

Indigo Gabbro Palm Stone

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