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These thumbstone crystals have been made with an indentation for your thumb to make it comfortable to hold. They are carved in this shape to help you feel calm and relaxed and can be used as a worry stone. Just place between your thumb and forefinger and rub gently to let the energy of the crystal calm you. These are also ideal for meditation or for carrying around.

Larvikite - this crystal is also known as Norwegian Moonstone. If you look closely at Larvikite or place it under the light you will see blue flashes. Larvikite is used to dispel negative energy and any toxicity directed towards you due to its protective properties. If you need a crystal to protect you from other people’s opinions or sabotaging comments that could sway you off course then carry Larvikite with you. Larvikite will help ground you and keep you balanced when working with manifesting your goals. It will help you to be patient and consistent and, if you have a habit of procrastinating this crystal will help to eliminate these blockages. Larvikite will help you manifest during a New Moon and help you to connect to your spirituality and connection to the higher realms. It will also promote healing while sleeping and helps with dreaming, remembering dreams and dreams that brings messages of guidance.

Larvikite Thumbstone

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