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Mint and Sage Smudge Stick

Home grown and, hand-made. This smudge stick is from my home to yours. The herbs I grow and harvest are free from pesticides, making them pure for cleansing.

Mint has so many benefits and it is known as a powerful and potent healing herb. Mint can help you to draw the energies of wealth and prosperity through setting intentions. Mint also helps with:

- Clarity

- Cleansing

- Protection

- Healing

- Improves intuition and pyschic abilities

- Helps with dreams and visualisation

British Sage has so many beneficial properties. The Romans believed the properties of sage to be almost limitless! Here are just a few:

- Improves intuition

- Removes bacteria from the air

- Purifies objects eg crystals:

- Improves mood

- Reduces stress and anxiety.

This stick is decorated with lavender from my garden. Lavender’s benefits are healing, reducing stress and anxiety and feelings of overwhelm. Leaving your space calm and balanced.

Mint and Sage Smudge Stick

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