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Discover the wisdom of the Moon, harness the positive lunar energy and transform your life using the messages within this new oracle from Sunday Times bestselling author Yasmin Boland.

The Moon never stops moving, and as She goes, She speaks to those who are ready to hear, leaving us clues, hints and messages. All we have to do is tune in and follow Her phases and directions.

The Moonology™ Messages deck will help you tap into the Moon’s ancient and modern lunar wisdom, which beams down on us every night. These 48 divination cards embody the Moon in all Her glory. Ask a question and you will (almost always!) get a firm answer based on lunar symbolism.

These very intuitively led cards will help you to access your own wisdom and knowledge. The Goddess force in them is strong! Yasmin Boland distils her expert Moon wisdom in the accompanying guidebook, to help you translate the 48 messages and symbols of the Moon. Based on the messages you receive, you can choose to take actions that will transform your day-to-day life.

This oracle will keep you on course when you’re feeling great and guide you through darker times. Complete with mesmerizing celestial artwork from Ali Vermilio, the Moonology™ Messages deck will be a glowing light of Divine feminine guidance, helping you to navigate your way towards positivity, inspiration and peace, based on your own inner knowing.

Moonology Messages Oracle

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