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Crystal Cloud Carvings symbolise the element of air. Spiritually, air represents our mind, thoughts and how we act on them. Cloud carvings bring hope and encourage spiritual growth. These can be placed next to your bed to aid restful sleep and dreams.

Opalite helps you succeed in all that you go for, improving visualisation, insight, and intuition, & assisting you to connect with the higher realms. Meditate with this stone to improve communication at all levels including spiritual. Opalite is used for all-round healing, stabilising mood swings and overcoming fatigue. Balancing yin-yang energies, Opalite aligns you to let go of old wounds and painful memories. You will start to feel more compassionate, kind and gentle towards yourself and others creating a sense of peace in your life. Carry this crystal or place it in an area where you can see it to increase your confidence empowering you to express yourself more freely.

Opalite Crystal Cloud

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