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Rainbow Aura Quartz will cleanse your whole energy field. The rainbow colours will assist in healing all the chakras, guiding you towards a positive direction and channelling more happiness and joy into your life.


Rainbow Aura Quartz is Clear Quartz bonded with Gold and Titanium that produce vivid multi-colored metallic crystals.


They will help you appreciate every moment and encourage you to see and feel joy in all that you do. Helping to deal with stress and obstacles that block your path to a specific goal and identifying new ways and opportunities that may be useful in accomplishing your dreams.


Re-energise with this crystal to bring back a zest for life. Rainbow Aura Quartz helps to release negative emotions that are blocking your true life purpose.


Large approx 5cm x 5cm £5

Medium approx 3cm x 3cm £3

Smaller approx 2xm x 2xm £2


Rainbow Aura Quartz

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