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Home-grown and hand-made smudge sets using Rosemary, Lavender and Common/British Sage.


One of my goals was to make my own smudge sets with British herbs. A corner of my back garden is a little herb area. And as of late 2022 my front garden has been re-landscaped into a herb garden.

These smudge sets are made with a lovely healing combination of rosemary, lavender and sage.


Rosemary has very powerful cleansing and purifying power and dispels negative energy. Promotes confidence and a clear mind.


Lavender is cleansing and promotes happiness, healing, purification and tranquility.


Common (or British) Sage has so many beneficial properties. Here are just a few:

removes bacteria from the air:

repels insects:

improves intuition:

purifies objects eg crystals:

improves mood and reduces stress and anxiety.


Why buy British made?

You’re supporting a British small business.

No pesticides have been used.

When you purchase British home grown and hand made there is no environmental impact from shipping from across the globe.


These are approx 15cm long and 1-2cm wide.

Rosemary, Sage & Lavender Smudge Stick

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