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Palo Santo & White Sage with Selenite.

When you purchase this bundle you will receive a brochure explaining the benefits, meanings and how to use.

Palo Santo and Sage sticks can be used intermittently for your daily/weekly/monthly rituals. Smudging eases stress and anxiety, improves clarity and will help to heal and promote a sense of calm.

Sage will remove all energy so it’s always good to burn your favourite essential oils, play some high vibe music, dance or sing to your favourite music. Sage is best used for the heavier and more burdensome issues in your life. Also, if you’ve never smudged before using sage for the first time will give you a good head start.

Palo Santo brings in the good vibes and can be used more regularly to lift the energy in your space. You can kick start the beginning of each week and/or the start of the month smudging with Palo Santo. While smudging you can set your intentions to bring more positivity, love, abundance and calm into your life.

Sage & Palo Santo Bundle

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