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A truly unique, collaborative and mindful journey to the Shores of Scotland all from the warmth of your own home.


A collaboration with Scottish Sea Glass to create a truly unique scented candle experience. Our aim is to demonstrate true hand crafted Scottish creativity by capturing a piece of sea serenity.


This hand poured eco soy candle carries a gentle fragrance of fresh sea tone essences, decorated with a hand crafted sea glass carving and clear quartz crystal chips and biodegradable glitter.


This candle not only transports you to the sea with it scent, it also delivers a piece of the shore to you from the sea glass.


There are five candles to choose from:

Sea Glass - £25

Fish - £30

Heart - £30

Feather £40

Fish and Heart £45


And if there is a particular shape you would like, please get in touch and we can create something to your requirements.  

Shores of Scotland Candle

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