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Lisa Parker is a UK based artist specialising in Gothic and Fantasy art and product design. Her interests in the realms of Witchcraft and fantasy has lead her to produce some stunning artwork including Wolves, Fairies, Cats, Hares and general Pagan artwork.


Her stunning range of incense is now available here at Crystalight Candles. There are six in the range, when you buy all six you only pay for five.


Each incense has an affirmation for you to say while burning your stick.

Protection - 'As cleansing smoke surroundeth me, my home is protected.'

Luck - 'As Jupiter's influence is around, let success and luck abound.'

Love - 'Of free will so mote it be, brighten my true love to me.'

Happiness' - As I embrace joy in all I see, many happy blessings follow me.'

Prosperity - 'Blessings flow to me this day, my riches grow in every way.'

Confidence - 'No more in shadow, I believe in me; I shine and others notice me.'

Spell Incense

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