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Spirit Quartz is only found in the Magaliesberg Mountain region of South Africa. Depending on which kind of crystal forms the base of this crystal will determine the shades which can very between, white, lilac, purple, grey or brown.  It was named Spirit Quartz because of the tiny smaller crystal structures formed over one larger crystal, resembling cactus and has a unique high vibration making it an exceptional crystal for spiritual growth. Spirit Quartz has the ability to recharge and cleanse your personal auric field. All the negative energies are washed away, making room for more positive energies. This high vibrational crystal will help you to let go of what no longer serves you, helping you to feel optimistic no matter what challenges you are going through.  Place in an area where you are meditating, connecting to source, and wanting more harmony. Spirit Quartz works with all the chakras, leaving you feeling at peace and balanced.




Weight 256g

Height 8cm

Width 6cm

Depth 6cm

Spirit Quartz Cluster A

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