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If you, or someone you know is currently studying, this set is for you. Ideal for exams, transitioning academic years and for completing existing and new courses.

These five crystals will accompany you on your study journey, giving you the support you need.

Fluorite known as "The Genius Stone" is one of the key crystals for studying. It creates a sense of concentration and increases the connections between short- and long-term memory enabling you to recall information quickly during lessons or exams. It is believed that fluorite has stress-fighting properties and wards off feelings of negativity.


Clear Quartz amplifies the energy of all of the other crystals. Clear quartz offers a wide range of benefits and helps you to retain information more easily. It also improves focus, which is perfect for studying.


Gold Tiger’s Eye will support you with the demands of studying and deadlines to complete. It will empower a positive mindset and the determination and diligence needed to complete tasks.


Amazonite is known to generate feelings of encouragement and belief, and can increase self-confidence and self-esteem, helping with anxiety before an exam. Amazonite is a wonderful crystal that promotes relaxation.

Raw Amethyst provides calm and patience when learning new information. It will help with overwhelming thoughts and feelings. Use this crystal to visualise the outcomes you would like to manifest as this is known as a crystal of transformation.

Study Crystal Set

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