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Sunstone is known as the 'crystal of joy' as it carries the energy of the sun. A wonderful crystal to improve your beliefs around manifestation and abundance. Sunstone helps to restore confidence and self-belief into new levels of strength, enthusiasm and possibility. The inclusions in Sunstone radiate and glisten when placed under the light, these will highlight your talents and abilities in their full glory. Whenever you need a boost, carry Sunstone around with you to lift your spirits and get your creative juices flowing again. Sunstone will bring back passion, independence and originality back into your life.


Palm stones have so many uses but the main ones are for healing, regeneration and protection. Because of their shape they will help you to connect more deeply with the energy of the crystal which in turn will help to heal your energy fields and aura.



Weight 85-90g

Length 5.5cm

Width 4.5cm

Sunstone Palm Stone

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