You can choose a set of 3 chakra votives which are presented in a beautiful box set or separately and come with a white organza bag. 


The Chakra Range


Root Chakra - Grounding & Supported.

Cinammon, Nutmeg & Patchouli.


Sacral Chakra - Self Confidence & Motivation.

Orange, Mandarin & Ylang-Ylang.


Solar Plexus - Abundance & Self-Belief.

Lemon, Lemongrass & Juniperberry.


Heart Chakra - Love & Forgiving.

Geranium, Bergamot & Palamarosa.


Throat Chakra - Logic & Truth.

Lavender, Frankincense & Chamomile.


Third Eye Chakra - Intuition & Vision.

Lavender, Vertiver & Sweet Marjoram


Crown Chakra - Spirituality & Connection.

Jasmine, White Lotus, Sandalwood & Myrhh.


Please remove the rose buds during the first burn.

The Chakra Votive Set

Votive Box or Organza Bags
  • Please don't leave your candle unattended and away from draughty areas as well as out of reach of children and pets. You can remove the crystals if you don’t want them to sink through. Please remove the rose-buds during the frst burn. Trim the wick to 1 cm each time you are about to burn and for an even burn please don’t burn your votive for longer than 2 hours at a time. Please n.b that no two candles are the same as these are hand-made and there will be some movement during shipping. Whilst every care has been taken with packaging we understand that breakages can happen.  We would therefore ask you to email a photo of any breakages before we can process a replacement or refund.

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