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Unicorn Aura Quartz is  a clear quartz  crystal that has been put through a metallic heat process where it is coated and bonded with gold and titanium. This produces its beautiful iridescent & metallic sheen.


These stunning crystals are a beautiful addition to your crystal collection and are approx between 1-2 inches long.


The aura colours of this beautiful quartz brings us happiness and joy. Because of the iridescent sheen of bright colours this crystal works with healing all your energy fields, helping to guide you into a positive direction, channelling happiness and joy into your life.


This crystal will help you appreciate every moment and encourage you to see and feel joy in all that you do. Work with aura quartz to  help you identify new ways and opportunities in accomplishing your dreams and goals.


All our crystals are cleansed and blessed with palo santo.



Unicorn Aura Quartz

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