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A beautiful calming crystal that will help to soothe the body, mind, and spirit. White Howlite  works with the crown and third eye chakra, bringing clarity and clear vision. It will help you to connect to your spiritual powers through meditation and receiving messages through dreams. The black lines bring a protective element and will support your goals and dreams. White Howlite symbolises connection and flow and will help you to enhance and amplify your intuition. This crystal will help to absorb tense and stressful energies leaving you feeling balanced and calm.


These towers have been aura plated and will give an extra layer of protection. Under the light you will see a beautiful rainbow sheen. This effect will cleanse your energy fields bringing more balance and harmony into your space.


Crystal Towers have their energy pointing up and outwards.  Wherever you place them, they will emit a focussed higher frequency. They are very powerful for manifesting your goals and desires as they point directly up to the Universe.  When setting your intentions, points work at a much faster rate to help you achieve them. 




Weight approx 50-60g

Height 7cm

Width 1cm

White Aura Howlite Tower

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