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These spell jars have been made with the good and positive intentions of bringing more abundance/ protection /money and empowering self-love into your life. They come from a place of love and have a combination of herbs, flowers and other items to inspire you to create your sacred altar. 


A sacred altar can be a shelf in a room where you spend the most time, or a tray placed on your coffee table or bedroom. On your sacred alter you can place your spell jar and other favourite items for example; artwork, photos, crystals, flowers or a plant, oracle and tarot cards (pull one card each morning, and that will be your message for the day).


Sacred altars help you to stay focused. They improve your manifesting skills by reminding you stay connected to your intentions.


Set your intention by writing it down and wrap it in silver foil, place in a little box (this could be a jewellery box) and situate it next to your spell jar. To reactivate your spell jar, simply place on a small mirror. To strengthen the spell jar you can place it on a small mirror and keep on your altar.

Each spell has an affirmation with it and this helps to manifest what you want more of.


Choose one or, for all four spells you will receive a discount.


Money Spell

Affirmation - I love money and money loves me.


Abundance Spell

I love an abundant life because wonderful opportunities always present themselves to me.


Self-Love Spell

I love and respect my mind, body and soul.


Protection spell

I am loved and protected by the positive energy that always surrounds me.


Each spell jar comes with a list of the ingredients and affirmations for each spell. You can add an intention and place with your jar too.


The spell jars are sealed with my chakra blended soy wax with essential oils.

Protection Spell Jar has red wax made with cinnamon, nutmeg and patchouli.

Self Love Spell Jar has pink wax made with Geranium, Palmarosa and Bergamot

Abundance and Money Spell Jars have green wax made with Bergamot, Palmarose and Geranium.


For more information on my chakra candles please visit the Chakra Candles section on this website.

Spell Jars

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